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Understanding Gutter Repair
Gutters are responsible for capturing water that would normally fall off the roof. Without them, the water would land on the ground, causing soil erosion and damaging the siding. Gutters also protect buildings from basement flooding. If water is allowed to build up in either the basement or foundation this will cause hydrostatic pressure to occur, and the water will eventually appear inside the building. If the building is located on top of a hill the situation is even more serious, as unchecked soil erosion can ultimately lead to structural collapse. Gutter repair typically involves patching holes or sealing corner joints which have become leaky.

Your gutters are incredibly important, yet you probably don’t think about them that often. Don’t gutters just always work? Unfortunately, no. Like everything around your home or commercial building, they must be maintained and watched closely for signs of too much wear and tear. If left damaged for too long, they will need to be replaced with a new gutter installation. Since you don’t think about your gutters very often frequently, you certainly don’t know how to fix the problem on your own when one arises!

Why Perform Gutter Repair in New Jersey?
The wetter the climate, the more your house or commercial building needs a properly functioning gutter system. With rainy summers and snowy winters, New Jersey is certainly considered a wet climate! Any type of water that collects next to the foundation of a building will tend to find its way into some part of the structure and that can cause water and moisture damage. It could also possible pool on your roof instead, another bad option. A properly-functioning gutter system helps to control this. You want to do everything you can to prevent damage from trapped moisture. That is where the gutter experts at Ray Roofings come in!

In order for rainwater and melted snow to be properly flow away from your building, you need a well-working gutter system. This system includes the roof, the gutter, the downspouts, and the drain system. These are four distinct, yet very important parts to the system. If any aspect of this flow is damaged or eroded, the entire system will fail and you will have standing water on your roof or right at your building’s foundation. This is never a good thing. You may not know how to handle this type of home repair, but we sure do! We can even clean your gutters so blocks never occur in the first place.

Call in the experts at Ray Roofings. We have been working on homes and businesses in the New Jersey area for years, and yours can be our next project. We know what we are doing, and will get the job done right for you!

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